Inverite is one of Canada’s leading open-banking data providers with coverage for 285 Canadian Financial Institutions. We offer API access to account and transaction history for credit decisioning, risk modeling, payments, and KYC.
Inverite is a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and risk-model-as-a-service (RMaaS) solutions that empower businesses to acquire and use real-time financial data to better transact with consumers. Utilizing Inverite’s proprietary and proven artificial intelligence data-driven technology platforms, Inverite, businesses are empowered in real-time, access to a 360 financial profile that includes credit and banking data. Inverite leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive financial recommendations, risk scores and open-banking strategies to put the power of financial data into the hands of businesses and consumers, promoting more robust relationships and higher intent toward future engagements.