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President & CEO (EF Co-Chair)

What does next-gen Equipment Finance look like in Canada? This roundtable will represent key stakeholders across the ecosystem including captives, banks, non-banks and solution providers. Together we will work to advance innovation and thought-leadership. The roundtable will work closely with other CLA roundtables where we find common goals. (One area of immediate relevance is the Sustainable Finance Roundtable)

The group with be facilitated by the Canadian Lenders Association and focus on concrete business outputs including:

  • Innovative technology and business solutioning to advance digital efficiencies.

And in partnership with the Sustainable Finance Roundtable:

  • Emissions measurement framework for scope 1, 2, and 3 reporting using accurate, verifiable data (non-proxy)
  • Ways to incentivize low-emissions purchase decisioning through green loans

Contact for more information.