Gayle Ramsay

CLA Chair | SVP Everyday Banking

Jesse Bobrowski (co-chair)

Calvert Home Mortgage

Simon Howard (co-chair)


Tejas Easwar


Serge Sigouin


Clive Marshall

Thinking Capital

Jeffery Pilon

AutoCapital Canada

Alicia Jackson


David Hopkyns

Affinity Credit Solutions

Scott Wilson


Margaret Adekunle

City Lending Centers

Tyler Thielmann

Spring Financial

Amanda Bafaro

BridgePoint Financial

Zuhair Naqvi

Eqraz: Halal Mortgages

The CLA’s Loan Servicing Roundtable is made up of leading banks, credit unions, fintechs, and specialty finance companies in Canada. The goal of this invite-only group is to work on strategies to advance collections for companies across the lending spectrum in Canada. The group will be developing a comprehensive strategy on best practices and working collectively to advance shared objectives. In addition to the many international companies in the Roundtable, we will invite a number of outside speakers to discuss relevant topics.

Visit the CLA’s Calendar to discover how you can get involved with the Servicing Roundtable.

All participating members in the CLA’s Servicing Roundtable must comply with the code of the association:

  • Complying with the regulatory environment that protects business and consumers from predatory practices, including consumer protection and consumer reporting laws, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation and privacy laws.
  • Not participating in Canada’s payday loans industry, in any province or territory in Canada.
  • Upholding CLA Lenders Values detailed in the CLA lender certification

See: CLA’s Advocacy and Regulatory Principles

Please note: it is important that CLA members do not engage, under the auspices of the CLA, in coordinated behaviors or practices that restrict competition or target competitors who are not members of the CLA. It is critical that CLA staff and CLA members abide by these guidelines which are designed to avoid not only actual wrongdoing but also the appearance of wrongdoing. To that effect, CLA members should generally refrain from sharing with each other any confidential sensitive commercial information such as pricing, capacity, expansion, business plans etc. Should a member have any questions or concerns, please contact Dean Velentzas, Head of Policy.