A DE&I Report from the FinTech Sector

We are now entering the era of the Future of Work. The acceleration of technology, demographic changes and preferences along with social dynamics has made the workplace more complicated than ever. The solution to the future workplace is having a foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Inclusive workplaces positively impact every aspect of an employee’s job performance – particularly productivity, loyalty, honestly, teamwork, and creativity. Exclusive cultures, on the other hand, create disjointedness, high turnover, and high-stress environments.

In 2022, Divercial partnered with the Canadian Lenders Association (CLA) to survey their member base to better understand the current state of diversity, inclusion and equity efforts within the industry. Leveraging these insights will help organizations to progress on the advancement of DEI in the workplace, and we hope this analysis provides direction in creating more equitable workplaces.

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  • Randeep Purewal

    CEO & Founder: Divercial

  • Dean Velentzas

    Head of Research

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