This document is based on interviews with non-bank and bank lenders in Canada. As we look to scale the market to better service Canadian borrowers, we have outlined an aspirational vision for a next generation platform that would service and scale digital credit applications for automotive, RV, marine, and powersport financing. 


The envisioned platform is a streamlined, secure, and efficient online system designed to seamlessly connect automotive dealers and lenders. Built on a microservices architecture, it facilitates easy updates, maintenance, and scalability. The platform integrates with various external systems such as credit bureaus, vehicle valuation services, DMS (Dealer Management Systems), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) systems, and other third-party services through APIs. Utilizing webhooks and callbacks ensures real-time updates and notifications. The user experience (UX) is modern, intuitive, and responsive across both desktop and mobile platforms, featuring customizable interface elements to enhance adaptation by dealers and lenders.

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