Neil Wechsler

OnDeck (CLA Chair)

Jason Mullins

goeasy (CLA Vice Chair)

Kevin Clark

Merchant (CLA Treasurer)

Gary Schwartz

President & CEO

Board of Directors

Amit Sadhu


Cynthia Aboud

Accord Financial Group

Elizabeth Billyard

BMO Financial Group

Cyrielle Chiron

Peoples Group

Ashley Yantzi

EQ Bank

Neil Wechsler

OnDeck (CLA Chair)

Jason Mullins

goeasy (CLA Vice Chair)

Arif Mulji

Amur Financial Group

Romit Malhotra

Questrade Financial Group

Mena Bellofiore

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Rajan Ariyur

SLC Management (Sun Life)

Kevin Clark

Merchant (CLA Treasurer)

Jeff Bouganim

Driven, by Purpose

Steve Malone

ACC (Automotive Chair)

Lawrence Krimker

The Simply Group

Karanjit Bhugra

Echelon Partners

Kip Daechsel

Dentons (CLA Secretary)

The Canadian Lenders Association Executive

  • President: Gary Schwartz
  • Chairperson: Neil Wechsler (OnDeck, CEO)
  • Vice Chairperson: Jason Mullens (goeasy, CEO)
  • Treasurer: Kevin Clark (Merchant Growth)
  • Secretary: Kip Daechsel (Dentons)
  • Chair of Policy: Jess Weiser (Equifax)
  • Chair of BNPL: Nick Simpson (Klarna) + Amit Sadhu (RBC)
  • Chair of Automotive: Steve Malone (ACC)
  • Chair of Small Business: Kevin Westfall (Accord Financial Group)
  • Chair of DE&I: Elizabeth Woods (CMI Financial Group)

Please note: It is important that CLA members do not engage, under the auspices of the CLA, in coordinated behaviors or practices that restrict competition or target competitors who are not members of the CLA. It is critical that CLA staff and CLA members abide by these guidelines which are designed to avoid not only actual wrongdoing but also the appearance of wrongdoing. To that effect, CLA members should generally refrain from sharing with each other any confidential sensitive commercial information such as pricing, capacity, expansion, business plans etc. Should a member have any questions or concerns, please contact Dean Velentzas, Head of Policy.