Wayne Kainu

Neo Financial

Alex Kjorven

Chief Product Officer

Graeme Auchincloss

CWB Financial Group

Philip Santo

Royal Bank of Canada

Alex Leduc (Co-Chair)


Jesse Bobrowski (co-chair)

Calvert Home Mortgage

Mike Spero

CMI Financial Group

Malik Yacoubi


Ashley Yantzi

VP Residential Lending

Ben McCabe


Justin Herlick


Hayden James


Mohamad Sawwaf


Colin Pyle

RFA Bank

Jason Mullins

CLA Vice Chair | CEO goeasy

Arif Mulji

Amur Financial Group

Romit Malhotra

Questrade Financial Group

Agostino Tuzi

Pillar Financial Services

Moe Forget

Only Mortgages

Zuhair Naqvi

Eqraz: Halal Mortgages

Jayson Zilkie

Shelter Lending

Alexis Shahriar Assadi

Assadi Private Capital

Shannon August


The CLA founder Mortgage Roundtable is made up of the leading FinTech Mortgage lenders in Canada. The goal of this invite-only group is to work on strategies to advance services for mortgage lending nationally.

Visit the CLA’s Calendar to discover how you can get involved with the Mortgage Roundtable.

Please note: it is important that CLA members do not engage, under the auspices of the CLA, in coordinated behaviors or practices that restrict competition or target competitors who are not members of the CLA. It is critical that CLA staff and CLA members abide by these guidelines which are designed to avoid not only actual wrongdoing but also the appearance of wrongdoing. To that effect, CLA members should generally refrain from sharing with each other any confidential sensitive commercial information such as pricing, capacity, expansion, business plans etc. Should a member have any questions or concerns, please contact Dean Velentzas, Head of Policy.