Abdi Hersi

Director, Payments

Jeff Adamson

Co-Founder | CCO

Dominique Samson

VP Corporate Affairs

Rana Shamoon

Sr. Director GR

Tanya Wood

Head of GR

Cathy Ly

VP, Customer Experience | Digital Banking Operations

Samantha Tom

Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Mark Sam

Head of Canada

Michael Fox

Chief Risk Officer

Misha Esipov


Joe Wallace

Fintech Partnerships

Miguel Dias Dias

BIS Innovation Hub

Wayne Pommen

Chief Revenue Officer

Jason Appel

Chief Risk Officer

Lauren Thompson

SVP Credit Risk

Sacha Mamontow

Head, Cards & Fintech Market Planning

Michael Garrity

Executive Chairperson

Nicole Hunter

Chief Commercial Officer

David Offierski

VP Partnerships

Lesley Lawrence

VP Biz Dev

Heather Kay

Head of Financial Services

Navgeet Bal

VP Partnerships & Strategy

Chris Matichuk


Nicholas Schiavo

Council of Canadian Innovators

Jonathan Yu

CFO & SVP Capital Markets

Cheryl Woodburn

Country Manager

Karim Nanji


The Roundtable’s Mission.

This forum is invite only and private.
The CLA represents companies from all aspects of the financial ecosystem. Our members rely on access to permissioned financial data to service next-gen solutions in Canada. The Open Finance Roundtable has the unique opportunity to work with our 300+ member companies to advocate for secure APIs to drive innovation for the consumer and commercial sectors.

This roundtable’s focus is on next-gen services.  In an Open Banking economy what are APIs that drive meaningful value? We are seeking to lead a mature discussion on the long-term benefits of Financial Data Portability (FDP).

What is Open Finance and Why is it important?

Digital transformation in the financial services sector in Canada has changed the way we expect to interact with our financial institutions and manage our personal and commercial finances. In many economies around the world, open banking has enabled Financial Data Portability (FDP). From mortgages and pensions to payment solutions, this open architecture removes legacy barriers and leads to a new-generation of financial solutions.
Open Finance is Open Banking 2.0. Both concepts are predicated on the idea that account holders should determine who can access their information and make payments on their behalf.  However, Open Finance expands the scope of Open Banking. Specifically, it works to allow third parties to access a broader range of customer data from savings accounts, investments, pensions, mortgages, insurance and much more. In turn, that data can be used to create more personalized and intuitive financial products. In practice, Open Finance could help realize the full potential of Open Banking.
Stay tuned from January 2024 in advance of the Bankers Summit in May. Please register to learn more.
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