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Life Stages: Fostering Early Financial Literacy

November is Financial Literacy month, and one important but often-overlooked demographic in need of financial literacy is the under-18 crowd. Kids who learn the value of money and how to appropriately manage their finances are likely to grow into responsible and independent adults. The vast majority of schools, however, don’t have any educational infrastructure in […]

Trends in the Alternative Mortgage Sector

You’ve heard it all before: the Canadian housing market is an ever-expanding bubble, and banks are increasingly unable to meet the needs of the average borrower. With the Liberal party promising to build, preserve, or repair 1.4 million homes in the next four years, now is an opportune time for alternative lenders to educate homeowners […]

Private Debt Solutions: The Answer You’re Looking For

For far too long, a handful of banks have dominated the private debt market in Canada. Current supply-chain bottlenecks and inflation have led to growing retrenchment from banks, causing them to lend more conservatively. On top of this, commercial lending is extremely slow: it can take up to a year to secure a loan due […]

US BNPL Policy Snapshot

FAST FACTS:  The U.S. government has begun an inquiry into BNPL in advance of potential legislation. Last week, government officials heard testimony from both sides of the aisle. Here’s the rundown of what was covered: Dr. Kristen Broady specifically cited Klarna as a positive example of BNPL. There was a large focus on determining whether […]

Community Fintechs: How Banking in Segments is DEI in Action

Fintechs are the New Community Banks Fintechs across the world are challenging community banks by offering targeted products to niche demographics. While not banks themselves, they provide a suite of services that run the gamut of lending, savings accounts, and financial advice. Many engage in customer segmentation in order to better serve the needs of […]

Alt Data: Key to Inclusive Lending?

Alternative data is financial information not typically collected by a credit reporting agency. Unlike conventional data such as credit scores, quarterly financial statements or company filings, alternative data can drive new insights and can be leveraged for business expansion. Further, it can be used to provide credit opportunities for thin-file and no-file customers, democratizing the […]

BNPL Media Insight Report

A global study released today analyzed thousands of paid social media ad campaigns from Klarna, Afterpay and Affirm over the last 90 days. Brand Total’s research report analyzed all paid social campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn from the three leading BNPL solutions over a 90-day period, from June 13th to September 10th. […]

A $27 Credit Card Limit

Kudos to Slice. This Bengaluru-based fintech startup just launched their new Rs 2,000 ($27) credit card. In a market where adoption rate of credit cards has remained largely stagnant over the past several years, this entry level card can drive origination of first time users and is a hook in the data lake to identify […]

Africa: A BNPL Goldmine

Larry Diamond, CEO of Zip, is on a global shopping spree: Buy Now, Profit Later. Since August 2018, when Zip app was launched in the Google Play Store, Larry and his partner, Peter Gray, have acquired PartPay Limited (New Zealand), SpotCap (ANZ), Twisto (Czech), Spotii (UAE) and, this past month, Quadpay for $430 million. The […]

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The Canadian Lenders Association is committed to publish world-class research and thought leadership on key topics impacting fintech lending. The CLA’s white papers provide thoughtful analysis and insights into trends and opportunities across the sector. Our research and thought leadership offers key insights into the fintech ecosystem. With the acceleration of digitization, including automation and […]

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The Canadian Lenders Association is committed to working with all stakeholders in the community to advance policy and standard at a provincial and federal level. Our Policy Committee works closely with government and other association to advocate for borrowers making sure all lenders must uphold with the values of the CLA and comply with regulatory […]