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Highlights from Americas Alternative Finance Industry Report

                           Throughout the Americas, online alternative finance markets have continued to develop at a steady pace. The industry has increasingly offered viable options for consumers and businesses to access finance, and for retail and institutional investors to invest in new asset classes. With expansive […]

Innovative Lender of the Year 2018

Congratulations to Eva Wong and Andrew Graham for winning the LEADER OF THE YEAR leadership award at the Congratulations to all nominees: David Souaid – Evolocity Jeff Mitelman – Thinking Capital Eva Wong, Andrew Graham – Borrowell Salim Naran, – Savvyy AI Ali Pourdad, – Progressa Wayne Pommen, – PayBright Cato Pastoll, – Lending […]

Celebrating Innovation at the Canadian Lenders Summit 2018

By Susan Varty for the Canadian Lenders Association Fast becoming an annual can’t-miss event for FinTech, lending and finance professionals, this year’s Canadian Lenders Summit was held on November 21 in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Presented by the Canadian Lenders Association (CLA), and bringing together leading experts from the worlds of Canadian lending and finance, […]