The CLA promotes transparency and fosters responsible and ethical lending practices. The association supports innovative lending nationally including the technology & business processes that are transforming our financing industry.

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A Message to Canadians Borrowers

Covid-19 has impacted the daily lives of millions of Canadian families from coast to coast. As individuals, we are all experiencing tremendous levels of financial stress, as are the small businesses that define our neighbourhoods. Our primary goal at the CLA is to play as active a role as possible in alleviating this financial pressure […]

Canada’s Government Assistance Programs for SMBs Compared to Foreign Governments

COVID-19 fallout could force 1 in 4 small businesses to close doors permanently. Ottawa has responded with a stimulus package that included a wage subsidy, tax deferrals and billions in credit to keep SMBs afloat during this massive cashflow crisis. Please read the CLA’s Open Letter to Government, which outlines further actions that can be taken in […]

Canadian Lenders Association Establishes COVID-19 Consumer Lending Working Group

March 30th, 2020 (Toronto)—The Canadian Lenders Association (CLA) today announced the formation of a national working group to support consumer lenders in their response to COVID-19. The consumer lender working group will serve as an advisory committee and resource for CLA members and advocate on their behalf as ongoing actions are considered in efforts to […]


Lending Leadership & Ideas

The Canadian Lenders Association is committed to sharing ideas nationally to help educate borrowers and share best practices with lenders. We use online panel technology provided by to host informative discussions and fireside chats. These ideas are shared via Linkedin to reach a wide social audience. See our Leaders-in-Lending Series We host private dinners […]

Lending Resources & Services

Our Lending Resources and Services Committee is responsible for partnerships that drive incremental value for our lenders. An example is our SMART Box, capital comparison standard, launched in partnership with the ILPA

Lending Advocacy & Regulatory Services

CLA’s Advocacy and Regulatory Principles Through advocacy with all levels of government and with other trade associations in the marketplace, the Canadian Lenders Association’s Advocacy and Regulatory Committee supports the following principles: We support transparency throughout the Canadian marketplace and will support changes to legislative and regulatory frameworks that encourage and enhance transparency for borrowers. […]