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Innovative Financing: Accelerating Canada’s Clean Technology Tax Credit Transformation

Our ambitious foray into clean technology and its pursuit of net-zero targets have taken center stage, echoing through Canadian government and corporate corridors alike. In a defining move, the Canadian government, in March 2023, unveiled a suite of investment tax credits (ITCs) aimed at accelerating the nation’s decarbonization drive, with the goal of achieving a […]

BNPL: Welcome to 2024 Next-Gen Services

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a mirror reflection of the ever-growing demand for digital consumer financial products. It has become synonymous with the “Pay in X” or installment model, catering to the needs of the Fast Fashion sector. This trend was driven by a younger, digitally-savvy demographic, who sought affordable, trendy clothing that would […]

Unlocking Credit Opportunities: The Power of Rent Reporting

In today’s rapidly evolving economy, where personal creditworthiness and access to credit are crucial for individual advancement, borrowers are exploring diverse strategies to bolster their credit scores. With consumer debt at unprecedented levels and Bank of Canada rates gradually creeping, Canadians are incredibly seeking innovative ways to maintain creditworthiness and avoid potential credit denials down […]

Climate Policy and Finance: Freight Train A’Comin

There is a train wreck scenario for financial institutions where inaccuracies or incomplete disclosures lead to public scrutiny and loss of trust. The financial sector is at the forefront of a significant transformation, driven by the urgency of climate change and the advent of stringent regulations. In Canada, Article B-15 by the Office of the […]

CLA & the 2023 TransUnion Canada Summit

Dean Velentzas from the CLA reviews the 2023 TransUnion Canada Summit After an exhilarating experience at last year’s TransUnion Canada Summit, where I documented my experience in this op-ed, I was thrilled to have been invited to TransUnion’s 2023 event. The theme, “Finding Opportunity for Profitable Growth,” set the stage for captivating discussions covering a […]

Open Banking’s Rocky Road: A Review of this Year’s Open Banking Expo

Op-Ed by Dean Velentzas, Head of Policy This month, the Canadian Lenders Association was invited to attend the Canadian Open Banking Expo, a full-day conference held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada. With over 60 industry headliners from around the world, predominantly North America, the event sought to address pressing questions regarding […]

Redefining Finance: How Non-Banking Entities are Disrupting Canada’s Financial Landscape and Driving Embedded Finance Forward

Authored by Kris Hansen, Co-Founder, CTO at Synctera Exciting times are upon us in Canada’s financial sector. Vault‘s making moves to help out SMBs. Tim Hortons has jumped into the ring by launching its own credit card through its mobile rewards app. And of course, news from a few months ago at Synctera. Canada is ready for financial […]

Peter Routledge (OSFI) on Sustainable Finance

“I’m Committed to Transparency” OSFI’s Superintendent of Financial Institutions on Guideline B15: Climate Risk Management On April 27th, Peter Routledge, Superintendent of Financial Institutions, outlined to CLA and other stakeholders the following at an Economic Club of Canada event in Toronto: “As nations of the world mitigate the physical and transition risks produced by climate […]

More Data, Less Friction: Growing Your Customer Base Without Sacrificing Experience

More Data, Less Friction: Growing Your Customer Base Without Sacrificing Experience Mitigating Risk, Increasing Revenue, and Improving the Customer Experience Amidst Economic Uncertainty Author: Cheryl Woodburn, Country Manager, Canada – Provenir In this time of economic uncertainty (including global political instability, challenging macroeconomic conditions, and post-covid rebounds), Canadian lenders are finding it more challenging than […]

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