All Ships Investors Closes First Canadian Real Estate Transaction on the Percent Platform

Toronto— September 28, 2021 — CLA Approved Vendor All Ships Investors announced a new partnership as part of its advisory to the financial technology company and alternative investment platform, Percent.

This new partnership is with Indigoblue, a Canadian residential mortgage originator. It’s the most recent in a series of new partnerships between Percent and a growing number of originators of private credit assets, and will effectively extend the capital markets and technology suite of Percent to a new geography and asset class.

“This is an exciting development for All Ships, and we expect to see more of these transaction on the platform in Canada.” said Gary Schwartz, President of the CLA, “the All Ships Investors team, who acted as Strategic Advisors on this deal, will leverage this partnership and provide additional diversification opportunities for investors.”

Devin Wicker, Managing Director at All Ships said, “Being able to combine Percent’s technology and All Ships’ real estate expertise with Indigoblue’s underwriting quality has given us an opportunity to bring a new asset class to retail investors who may not otherwise be able to access this kind of an investment.”

This deal will likely bring more originators onto the platform in the near future, and is an exciting new partnership for all three companies.

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New York-based All Ships Investors helps fund the growth of loan originators in the US and internationally, across multiple asset classes with capital sources tailored to their product, portfolio characteristics, and strategic objectives. All Ships works with Canadian Mortgage Investment Companies and Private Lenders to grow their second lien origination business. They provide investment capital for closed second lien portfolios with a net return of 10% or more. All Ships is not a lender and does not table fund single loans. They provide investment capital backed by portfolios of closed loans between $250,000 and $10,000,000 in size. If interested in exploring financing from All Ships Investors or Percent contact Quentin English:  Tel: (646) 470-9526 |