Credit Invisible: Keynote Video

1 in 3 Canadians may be credit invisible according to PERC Canada. Michael Turner, President of PERC Canada debuted groundbreaking research on credit invisibility and credit deserts in Canada at the Canadian Lenders Association’s Credit Invisibility Summit.

Keynote Highlights:

Michael Turner is the CEO and President of Policy and Economic Research Council (PERC).  He sets the stage on the topic of Credit Invisibility. The lack of lender access to predictive information about borrower intentions to repay dramatically constrains financial inclusion.   PERC’s mission is to reduce greatly credit invisibility in Canada, the US and globally. The organization works with top policymakers to ensure that national and state laws permit lenders access to necessary consumer data, and that individual rights and protections are in place. PERC is a partner of the Canadian Lenders Association.