Automotive Roundtable

Tyler Thielmann

Canada Drives

Paul Hunsley

Bank of Montreal

Paul Harder


Tracy Graf


Roger Saran


Ilja Troitschanski

Axis Auto Finance

Francesco Oliveti

Carma Auto Finance

Justin Limpright

CWB Financial Group

Brendan Dineen

iA Auto Finance

Ray Ramotar

NextGear Capital (Cox)

Sean Munro

Royal Bank of Canada

Amit Sadhu

Royal Bank of Canada

Sabrina Anzini

goeasy, LendCare

Roger Ryall


Gary Schwartz


Bill Johnston


Jonathan Fleisher


Steve Malone

AutoCapital Canada

Jean-Philippe Salvas


The CLA Quarterly Automotive Roundtable is made up of the leading FinTech lenders in Canada. The goal of this invite-only group is to work on strategies to advance access to credit to consumers across the lending spectrum.

FinTech-forward automotive lending is poised to reinvent the car purchase experience. Covid, as in most industries, has advanced online purchasing. The car buyer path-to-purchase now involves online pre-qualification tools. The Canadian Lenders Association round table will serve as a leadership forum to explore ways to continue to optimize business processes and digital tools.


  1. Industry Debrief: How Auto Lenders are Adapting to a Post-Pandemic World
    • How does the subprime candidate differ from other loan candidates?
    • How can auto lenders attract more diverse elements of the underbanked
  2. Priming the Industry for Digital Disruption
    • Are there any drawbacks towards digitizing the car buying experience?
    • How can the e-signature and e-vaulting process work more seamlessly with
    • How have auto lenders adapted to this shift in consumer preferences?
    • How can Fintechs corner the market on digital transactions?
  3. Best Practices for Underwriting Loans
    • What integrated technologies are best at speeding up loan transactions?
    • Can lenders use blockchain to allow for smoother transactions and easier funding?
  4. How Lenders Should Prepare for the Launch of Consumer-Directed Finance
    • How can access to open source data improve the underwriting process of the
    • How can Fintechs ensure private information is secure if the industry moves
      towards more open regulations in terms of customer data?
  5. The Pros & Cons of Partnership
    • How do Fintechs see their relationship with dealers evolving as auto lending trends more
      towards online retail?
    • How can banks and Fintechs work together to finance consumer lease transactions? What
      are some structures that can be put in place to protect both parties (i.e banks and
    • For commercial transactions: can residuals greater than 25% be funded by banks when
      working with a Fintech?
  6. Avenues to Innovation
    • What are some ways Fintechs can provide a more customized experience?
    • Can BNPL services help auto lenders further their business interests?
    • What does the auto lending space look like in the next five, ten years?
  7. The Future of Auto Lending
    • How do you foresee car ownership will change in the future? For example, will there be a
      rise in subscription financing as a lending model in the future?
    • How can Fintech innovation optimize the electric vehicle industry?

Bill Johnston (Equifax) and Jonathan Fleisher (Cassels) have joined the committee as data and legal resources.