Dean Velentzas

The business case for diversity in FinTech is clear: inclusive companies are better able to attract talent, tap into new markets and create innovative products.

Financial services companies are seeing an average 2-4% revenue growth per 1% increase in diversity.  Unquestionably, this imbalance need to be righted: however, we need to go beyond checking a box.

The FinTech sector needs to apply the same innovative thinking and commitment to solving the problem of DEI as we do with our products and services. We need to make a concerted and conscious effort to change the balance of visible inequity in the sector with the entrepreneur vigor that we build our companies to transform the financial industry.

The Canadian Lenders Association is launch a sector-wide initiative called Canadian FinTech ( We will be spearheading a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative across all FinTech Sectors in Canada: Payment Tech, Open Banking, DataTech.

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