Gary Schwartz

What is the future of the upsell-downsell relationship between fintech lenders and banks? The wall between incumbent and fintech-forward credit is crumbling and 2021 maybe an opportune time to advance contiguous lending.

I have always said that technology makes for strange bedfellows. Can banks partner with fintechs (with their iron-gut risk modelling) to service borrowers outside of their risk appetite?

Can BNPL partner with banks, as Sezzle recently announced with Ally Bank in the US. (In the pull-down-the-wall words of Hans Zandhuis, head of Ally Lending,) “blending [Sezzle’s] FinTech platform with the strong banking foundation of Ally Bank.” Now checkout seamlessly from $400 up to $40,000 …

Times are a’changing … Bob, say it is so!

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