How best to Discover Sezzle (BNPL)

BNPL continues to make news. Lots of corporate jostling and partnerships. Banks and rails are positioning themselves for the gold rush.

Discover is in the game buying $30 million shares of Sezzle .There is a quid pro quo: Sezzle will be riding the Discover rails providing Buy Now Pay Later services to card holders and Sezzle will roll out a referral programme to push Discover credit and debit cards to Sezzle users.

Discover will invest $30 million into Sezzle, based on a per share purchase price of $6.58, which equates to total shares to be issued of 4,556,210.

Sezzle works with more than 34,000 merchants to offer interest-free installment payment plans to a user base of over 2.6 million shoppers.


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